Dylan Lacey Interview

Start’em Young

by Erin Tesseneer for Harry’s Racin’ Photos, July 17, 2013

New this year to the Historic Cleveland County Fairgrounds Speedway is the class called the Young Guns. It’s giving the youth in the local racing community a chance to race and compete each Friday night. Since its beginning, they’ve put on quite a show with trading a little paint, and bumping a few fenders here and there. The crowds have thoroughly enjoyed watching them, and they love to cheer them on as they show their skills out on the dirt.

The most recognizable name to come out of the Young Guns is that of Dylan Lacey. Watching him each weekend, he shows improvement in handling the corners, and you can see him maturing as a competitive driver. I got a chance to sit down with him between heats this past Friday. Even though he is a young man of few words, you can see the excitement on his face when talking about racing.

ET: How old are you Dylan?

DL: Ten.

ET: How does it feel to be one of the youngest competitors out here every weekend?

DL: It feels, really… I don’t know. Just exciting.

ET: How old were you when you started racing?

DL: Ten. This year.

ET: So you just started this year?

DL: Yeah.

ET: Who got you started in racing?

DL: My dad.

ET: How did he get you started?

DL: He raced when he was eleven, so I started saying last year that I wanted to race. My dad talked to Roby [Combs], and they started a class for us.

ET: So y’all got the Young Guns started out here this year?

DL: Yeah.

ET: Well y’all are doing a great job. Who are some of your racing heroes?

DL: My dad, and there’s a Late Model driver named Ron Parker.

ET: When was your first win?

DL: My second race. I don’t know what date.

ET: And it was this year?

DL: Yes ma’am.

ET: What do you remember most about that win?

DL: That there was three cars, and I felt really happy.

ET: How do you feel when you get out here on the track every weekend?

DL: A little nervous.

ET: And how do you handle that?

DL: Just go out and do it.

ET: Do you plan on racing when you’re older?

DL: Yes. I want to move up to Legend Cars in two years, and try to see if I can get into NASCAR.

ET: Oh, that would be great! So you definitely see yourself in NASCAR in the future?

DL: Yes.

ET: What keeps you coming back here to the Historic Cleveland County Fairgrounds Speedway?

DL: Because this is the only place here that has my class [Young Guns].

ET: Do you have anything you’d like to say to the fans that will be reading this on DirtRaceFans.com?

DL: I would thank them for supporting me, and all the good stuff.

After grabbing the quick interview with Dylan, I was able to catch the main event for the Young Guns. Sadly, he wasn’t able to finish, but something struck me as very poignant. The winner of the night was Justin Armour, and while he took center stage to claim his trophy and have photos taken, Dylan strolled out to congratulate his fellow competitor. In that one act of kindness, he showed true sportsmanship. That will be greatly remembered, and I’m sure he gained more fans in doing so.

Dylan Lacey has a bright future ahead of him. Seeing the sheer excitement firsthand that he has for the sport, and hearing his goals he strives to reach, there is no doubt in my mind that he will go far. Good luck Dylan in all your future endeavors, and we will all be rooting for you along the way.


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