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NC Racefans Interview Series with Jeremy Clements!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Starting this week, Brother Bruce “NC Racefan” Camp will be doing a series with Spartanburg S.C. based Former Dirt Track Champion and Now Nationwide Driver Jermey Clements. Hopefull this will be a weekly series depending on Jermey’s schedule.

The last race for Spartanburg’s Jeremy Clements was at Nashville and the team ended up with a 23rd place finish. The Carolina Collision car never made a serious challenge for the top ten. “We just never could get the car right from the time we unloaded”, says Jeremy by phone. ” This new car is giving us a fit, there is a huge difference in it and the old one as far as set up”, he added. “We fell a spot to 15th in driver points, so that hurts.”

“We go to Richmond this week, as a matter of fact we are leaving tonight (wed). This will be the first race that we have been to that we have actually ran this new car before.” Jeremy qualified 11th there last year but was taken out in someone else’s wreck and never got to show what he had.

“I feel pretty good about Richmond, we qualified good and had a good run going before being caught up in a wreck not of our on doing, ” said the driver of the 51 car. When ask what would be considered a good week after Richmond, Jeremy replied, “A top 15 in qualifying and a top 15 finish would be great.” To say that staying in the top 15 in points is a huge understatement. According to Clements, “There’s a lot of money at the end of the year if you are in the top 15 and thats our goal.”

Next I ask about his crew, how many are (your guys) and how many are hired out? “We take our own crew guys that physically work on the car, but we hire out the crew that pit the car.”

How about sponsorship this year, hows that going? “We have been fortunate to pick up various sponsors for a race or two at a time, and that has been a huge help. This week, we will have on the hood and hopefully we can get them more involved with a good showing.”

In closing Jeremy said please tell all the fans I met and raced with on dirt as well as the new ones on asphalt, THANKS for supporting me. “It really makes me feel good to know that people I haven’t seen in years still follow my career”.

NC Racefan

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